Electronic ID

You may have recently received a request from us to update your ID electronically to help with verifying our customers. This is to help prevent fraud and ensure our bank and our customers are kept safe and secure. We have tried to ensure this process is as smooth and easy as possible with supporting guidance, however if you still have some queries hopefully your questions can be answered in the information below.

Banking regulations require us to hold accurate identification on the customers we service. If you have had a request from us to update your ID electronically this is because our records show we do not have up to date sufficient personal verification for your account.

No, the ID must be valid at the time it is uploaded.

If you have sent us your ID in the last 12 months, you will not be required to re-submit your ID. Just let us know via the Online Banking secure message or emailing customer services so we can update your records.

You just need your valid ID to hand and a device with an operating Camera.

As with all of your customer details they are stored securely and encrypted.

Having accurate customer identification is a regulatory requirement and so we will require up to date Identification to continue servicing accounts in the future.

Yes, we are required to maintain up to date ID for all of our customers.

Sometimes our electronic verification system cannot read the ID or your selfie clearly and therefore we may request you to re submit your verification. To help prevent this, please ensure you follow the instructions and guidance carefully.