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It’s quick and easy to open a Business Saver account. Just click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below. You can save from £1 to £10,000,000 with flexible access to your money whenever you need it*. Applications are welcomed from sole traders, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies**. Terms and conditions will apply.

If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager directly or our Customer Service team so that we can process your application swiftly. 

*Daily payment cut-off times apply

**Subject to meeting the customer acceptance policy


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AER* per annum/Variable paid monthly at 3.93% gross.

*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.



  • Earn 4.00% AER variable paid monthly at 3.93% gross p.a.
  • Easy access to your money - whenever you need it*
  • Quick account opening for every eligible business
  • No fees
  • Save from £1 to £10,000,000


*Daily payment cut-off times apply

Who this product may be suitable for

  • Businesses that require access to their money at any time
  • Sole traders, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies with up to 10 partners
  • Businesses based in the UK and registered with Companies House
  • At most 10 named individuals including Partners, Directors and shareholders with more than 10% shareholding



Who this product is not suitable for​

  • Personal savers. If you are looking for a personal savings account, click here.
  • People looking for a fixed rate of interest
  • People who are unable to use Online Banking
  • Charities, trusts, clubs or societies
  • We do not accept client money or accounts held in trust 


Please read the Business Saver Terms and Conditions and Summary Box before you apply to ensure you understand the features and conditions of the account.

Apply in as little as 10 minutes 

Keep in mind

  • A nominated bank account must be provided. This will be a business current account in your same business name – this can be a Cynergy Bank account, of course
  • The Business Saver account is an easy access account. All deposits need to come from, and withdrawals made to, your nominated account.
  • For your security an authentication app or device must be used to access online banking. Please see here for more details.
  • Any individual who is a person of significant control and anyone you appoint as a user for your account must:
    • Be aged 18 or over
    • Be a UK resident and only a tax resident in the UK
    • Not be a US citizen

How to apply

  • Apply online – click the 'Apply Now' button above

How to manage your account

  • Online only

How to continue your application


Please note that you will need the following when applying: 

  • Email addresses and phone numbers for any Ultimate Beneficial Owners with 10% or more, or any directors of the business (these details must be different to yours)
  • Your Unique Taxpayer Reference number (you can find this in your Government Gateway account/HMRC app)

Summary Box and Key Product Information

What is the interest rate?

Earn 4.00% AER variable paid monthly at 3.93% gross p.a.

Interest is calculated daily on the cleared balance in your account and paid monthly into your account at the end of every month.

This interest rate applies to accounts opened on and after 4:00pm Tuesday 23 January 2023.

Can Cynergy Bank change the interest rate?

Yes, the interest rate may change.

Please note that if we increase the interest rate of your Business Saver issue, we may make the change immediately and notify you within a reasonable time afterward, either by email or on our website.

If we reduce the interest rate we will notify you 14 days before the change is made. If the Balance of your account is less than £100, we will not be required to give you notice ahead of making a change.

Please see Business Saver Conditions for further details.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months?

  Deposit at account opening Estimated balance after the first 12 months Estimated balance after 24 months 
What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on two example deposit amounts? £1,000.00 £1,040.02 £1,081.75
£100,000.00 £104,001.56 £108,174.86

This example is for illustrative purposes only and not based on individual circumstance. It also assumes:
• No further deposits or withdrawals are made.
• There's no change to the interest rate.

How do I open and manage my account?

Business Saver customers who are 18 or over and a UK resident can open an account online.

You will need:

  • The mobile phone number and email address for all signatories on the account
  • Details of a UK business current account in your same business name. This will be your 'nominated account' - all deposits must come from this account and all withdrawals will be paid to this account.

The minimum initial deposit is £1 and you can deposit up to £10 million in this account.

It’s important we receive your initial deposit within 14 days from opening the account online.

You can only use Online Banking to manage your account and make withdrawals.

For added security, when you use Online Banking, you’ll need to download and register our Authenticator App (available for free on Google Play or the Apple App Store) or request a Digipass®.

You will need access to the Authenticator App or Digipass every time you login and make any actions on your account. This added security step helps us know that it is you making the transaction so we can keep your account safe.

For more information about Authentication and guidance help, please see our guidance pages here.

You may contact us by Secure Message via Online Banking, by telephone or in writing using the address or other contact details we have given you or which appear on our website. Please note we are unable to take transaction requests through these channels.

Can I withdraw money?

You can make unlimited requests to withdraw your money at any time.

You won't be charged a fee for withdrawals.

All withdrawals under £50k will be paid into your nominated account using Faster Payments. Payments over £50k will be sent via CHAPS. 

Withdrawals over £50k made before 3.30pm on a working day will arrive in your nominated account by the end of the next working day. Withdrawals over £50k made after 3.30pm or at the weekend will arrive no later than the end of the 2nd working day.

At times, it may be necessary for your payment to be put through some additional security checks, to make sure it’s genuine. This means it might take a little longer than usual to reach its recipient. Please don’t attempt to make the payment again while these checks are taking place.

Additional Information

Interest will be paid without deduction of tax. You will need to deduct tax yourself by declaring it as part of your annual tax return.

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. Gross interest is the contractual rate of interest.

We may periodically launch new savings product issues which are given designated issue numbers. Individual product issues each have their own interest rate, these may vary from the prior/proceeding issues; either upwards or downwards.

Customers should check our website or Online Banking to see the latest available issue and if you wish to open a new product issue / savings then you can apply through our website or Online Banking.

We publish all current and historic issue interest rates on our website ( and within Online Banking if you hold one of our existing products.

Please read the important information below before applying:

Cynergy Bank Privacy Policy

FSCS Information Sheet / Exclusions List

Business Saver Account Conditions

Historic Interest Rates

Important payment information

You can only have one linked nominated account which must be used to send all deposits to and from your Business Saver

Any deposits received not from your nominated account will be returned to the originating UK Bank/Building Society. If processed on a non-working day may be subject to a delay.  

Please read the Business Saver Terms and Conditions and Summary Box before you apply to ensure you understand the features and conditions of the account.

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4.00% market leading interest rate to help your business thrive


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Open an account in as little as 10 minutes with our simple streamlined application process


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Start to save with just £1, and access your money whenever you like*


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Business Saver enables up to 10 directors as signatories


Your money is protected up to £85,000

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