Free text alerts

Manage your money on the move and sign up for free text alerts to keep track of your account on your mobile phone.

How to sign up for text alerts 

Contact Customer Service

To register with an overseas mobile number, send a secure message using Online Banking, including your mobile number and international dialling code, or call +44 (0)20 3375 6422.

Choose from the following text alerts:

Weekly balance
Receive details of your transactions every Monday morning

Daily balance updates
Receive details of your transactions every morning

Statement alerts
Receive a text alert when your online statement is available

Limit alerts
Receive a text alert when your available balance falls below £100 

Balance range information
Receive a text alert when your balance is outside the range you set

Transaction alerts
Receive a text alert when any transaction takes place that matches or exceeds the amount you choose 

On Demand Services 

You can request your balance or your recent transaction history at any time by texting to 87293 (or +44 7786 200 052 from outside the UK). On Demand services allow you to request the following:

  • Retrieve Bank Balance - Text "BALANCE" then the last four digits of your account number, e.g. BALANCE 1234
  • View a mini statement - Text "STMT" then the last four digits of your account number, e.g. STMT 1234
  • Activate a debit card - Text "CARD" then the last four digits of the card number followed by the last 4 digits of the account number, e.g. CARD 1234 2406

You can manage your text alerts using the 'Account Services' menu in Online Banking.

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Text message delivery cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the mobile network.

Please note that your mobile phone service provider may charge you for text messages and internet browsing, as well as receiving text messages abroad. If you are not sure please check with them.

Our text alert service can only be used on a mobile phone compatible with a UK network. It cannot be used on a fixed line telephone, a computer capable of receiving text messages or a ‘virtual’ mobile phone number beginning with ‘070’. Some older mobile phones may not be compatible with our bank account text alert service. Overseas mobile numbers can only be registered by sending a secure message via Online Banking or by calling +44 (0)20 3375 6422.

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