Online Security: Security and Accessibility of my Account

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‘Visa Secure’ is a special program designed to protect you from unauthorised use of your Visa debit card. It’s a simple, secure way to pay at thousands of participating online retailers. You just set up a private password, known only to you and Cynergy Bank. You can register your card for this protection by clicking on a link to ‘Visa Secure’ the next time you are shopping at a participating retailer. You will be asked to enter some simple information that you have on your card, and then you can create your own password. Once you have activated your card, you will automatically be prompted to provide your password as part of the checkout process each time you make a purchase at a participating retailer. Your password will have to be verified by Cynergy Bank for the checkout process to continue. So even if someone knows your debit card number, they can’t buy online without your password. This service is free and once you have registered, you can start making secure purchases using your Cynergy Bank Visa debit card.

If you’ve forgotten your Debit Card PIN number, please call Customer Service to request a reminder on 0345 850 5555 (+44 20 3375 6422 from outside UK) between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training. 

Yes. At Cynergy Bank we use high levels of security. Once you have applied for Online Banking, you will receive a User ID and passcode to log-in with each time you access Online Banking. You will also be asked to download our new ‘Cynergy Bank Authenticator’ app to your smartphone or request for an upgraded Digipass® which will be used to verify it’s you when you login to Online Banking, make payments and certain other requests via Online Banking.


This app is used to scan special authentication images that we will display in Online Banking.  The images are unique to you and the transaction you have requested – they look like this:

Once you have scanned an image the app will display a unique authentication code that you will need to input into Online Banking to complete certain actions such as logging in.

A Digipass® is a small security device which is used by a few customers instead of the new ‘Cynergy authenticator app’ to log in to Online Banking and to authenticate some actions. It scans authentication images that are displayed in Online Banking and generates a unique authentication code that needs to be input in Online Banking when prompted. Find out more about how you are protected and the steps you should take to ensure your Online Banking is secure.

If you think that any of your accounts with us have been accessed online by someone other than yourself - please contact us immediately on 0345 850 5555.

PSD2 stands for Payment Services Directive 2 and is an EU regulation which aims to protect customers by making payments safer and more secure.  For more information on PSD2, payment security and your benefits and rights as a consumer, you can view the European Commission Fact Sheet here.

Online Security: How do I protect my account online?

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To enhance our online banking security, we use TLS v1.2 encryption. All latest version of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera) are TLS v1.2 enabled by default.

If you are not able to access our website or online banking, please upgrade your Internet browser.

Please click here to view the operating systems and browsers supported by Trusteer Rapport. Please note that Microsoft Edge is currently not supported by IBM Trusteer Rapport.

Please click here for system requirements (PC, Mac and mobile).

You can find out more about Trusteer Rapport and view tutorials on the Trusteer website at

Any performance or browser issues experienced immediately following installation of Trusteer Rapport are most likely a result of software incompatibility or a clash with malware already on your computer. While Trusteer Rapport is tested extensively against hundreds of software solutions and Trusteer does everything they can to prevent, identify and fix such issues, inevitably a few software combinations remain untested. Trusteer will work with you to resolve any issue you're experiencing. Visit the Trusteer website to start an online chat with a Trusteer support representative.

Anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, personal firewalls and anti-phishing toolbars are important and useful. For financial fraud and identity theft however, criminals use new, sophisticated techniques that can go undetected by conventional desktop security software. Trusteer Rapport's protection is based on an entirely different technology. Trusteer Rapport protects your username, password, and other sensitive login information, and prevents malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this information. Trusteer Rapport also protects your online communication and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions (for example, transferring money from your bank account to the attacker's bank account). If you bank online, Trusteer Rapport can significantly reduce your exposure to financial fraud and identity theft.

Yes. Trusteer Rapport does not replace your anti-virus software. It works differently and prevents attacks that your anti-virus software cannot detect or remove. Anti-virus and Trusteer Rapport are two complementary security layers and we recommend using both for maximal protection. You need to make sure that you keep your anti-virus up to date.

When you download the software, it's already set up to protect you when you use Cynergy Bank Online Banking. However, you can set the software up to protect other websites too. Visit the Trusteer website to protect other selected websites.

When you browse to a website the Trusteer Rapport icon will appear next to the browser’s address bar. The icon is green when Trusteer Rapport is protecting your communication with the website. And the icon is grey when the communication is not protected. When Trusteer Rapport identifies a security hazard it usually neutralises the threat without having to inform you. In a few cases where Trusteer Rapport detects some level of risk, it may require a confirmation (i.e. Yes or no) from you before neutralising the threat.

You can find out more about Trusteer Rapport and view tutorials on the Trusteer website at You can also click 'Live Support Online' on the left hand side of the support page to start an online chat with a Trusteer support representative.

To see the Trusteer Rapport icon in your Google Chrome address bar you can enable Trusteer Rapport’s Google Chrome extension here.