Online Banking: Getting started

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To log on to Online Banking, please use your User ID with the passcode sent to you either by text or in the post along with the new ‘Cynergy Bank Authenticator’ app or new Digipass®, when requested to do so.

If you cannot remember your User ID, please call Customer Service to be provided with a reminder of your User ID. Please note that your passcode will also be reset at the same time and sent to you. Advice on how to stay secure can be found here. Please avoid saving any security credentials into your internet browser.

If you have forgotten your passcode you can reset it online by clicking the ‘Online Banking passcode reset’ link on the Online Banking log in page. Simply click the link and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need a registered Authenticator App or Digipass to use the process.

At the end of the process:
• For personal customers – we’ll send you a temporary passcode by SMS
• For business customers – we’ll send you a temporary passcode by post to your correspondence address

You can use the temporary passcode, along with your User ID, to log into Online Banking. When you do so, we’ll ask you to change your temporary passcode to something more memorable.

A Digipass® is a small security device which is used by a few customers instead of ‘Cynergy authenticator app’ to log in to Online Banking and to verify it’s you. It scans authentication images that are displayed in online banking and generates a unique authentication code that needs to be input in online banking when prompted. Find out more about how you are protected and the steps you should take to ensure your online banking is secure.

This app is used to scan special authentication images that we will display in Online Banking.  The images are unique to you and the transaction you have requested – they look like this:

Once you have scanned an image the app will display a unique authentication code that you will need to input into Online Banking to complete certain actions such as logging in.

  • By phone: Contact us
  • Online: send Cynergy Bank a Secure Message through Online Banking with ‘Potential Fraud’ as the subject.
  • By text:  send a text message to 87293 with the word “FRAUD” followed by your User ID (e.g. FRAUD 12345678). The message will need to be sent from the mobile number associated with your account.

For your security upon submission, we will immediately suspend your access to Online Banking, and will begin investigating your concern on the next working day.

If you have a joint account, the other user(s) will still have access to the account through their Online Banking. If there is reason to believe their log in details could have been compromised please ask them to report the potential fraud as well.

Please note if your debit card has been lost or stolen, or if you are concerned of potential fraud regarding your debit card please call 0345 850 5555 (+44 (0)20 3375 6422 from outside the UK).

Online Banking can be accessed from anywhere around the world, from any computer with internet access that meets our System requirements. As long as you have your mobile phone or tablet with the new ‘Cynergy Bank Authenticator’ app or your new Digipass®, you can still make payments if you need to. 

Your available balance is the amount of funds available to you at that time.  
The balance that is described as current balance on the account details screen does not include the overdraft limit or reserved amounts and may include amounts with a future value date that have not yet cleared in the account.

Internal transfers are now only available to and from accounts to which you are a beneficial owner.

If you are not a beneficial owner on an account, but need to move money to or from it, you can still do this using the ‘Make a Payment’ option. 

The standard daily user limit for Personal users is £10,000 (subject to available funds).

The standard daily user limit for Business users is £50,000 (subject to available funds).

Please call Customer Service if you have any queries about limits on Online Banking.

Only account holder(s) or authorised third parties can access the account online.

Online Banking is free to use (the only cost being any network or data usage). Only transaction charges apply which can be viewed here.

When you log on to Online Banking Help screens are available on each page, which should answer any questions you may have and guide you through how to use the service. 

If your query is not answered on the Help screens, please call our Customer Service team for further assistance.

If you are using Internet Explorer and notice that images are not displaying correctly (they may be cropped or have lines through them), or the menus are not working properly, then you may need to adjust the Compatibility settings. You can usually do this using the ‘Tools’ menu and unticking all options.


If you still experience issues, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

Online Banking: How to manage your account online

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One time passcodes will be sent to the mobile number we have registered for the Online Banking user. Please ensure that we have your correct details on our records. Please call Customer Service if you have any queries.

Please note that it is not the mobile phone number set up for text message services that will be used for one time passcodes; your primary contact record with the bank must contain the mobile phone number for one time passcodes. Please contact Customer Service if you need to update your contact details or registered mobile phone number for one time passcodes.

If you are unable to view the Online Banking site, check that the computer you are using meets the System requirements for Online Banking.

If you are trying to log on and see an error message saying 'invalid User ID' or 'invalid Passcode', check that you are typing your log on details correctly. 

It may be that Online Banking is temporarily unavailable; therefore please try logging on again after a short time. If you still experience issues logging on, call our Customer Service team for further assistance.

In the Payments section of Online Banking, select the type of payment you wish to make and complete the necessary fields on the screen. You will need to authorise payments by scanning authentication images with either the new ‘Cynergy Bank Authenticator’ app or your new Digipass®.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the account details of the payees are correct before payments are sent.



To send an international payment (from a non GBP account or outside of the UK) select the 'Make new payment(s) option' and click on the ‘Click to change currency or if payment is not in the UK’. This will display additional fields that are required to make an international payment.

  • European payments – Payments made within the European Union require an IBAN number and a SWIFT/BIC code
  • United States of America – a routing transit number (RTN), SWIFT code and account number.
  • Rest of the World – Account number or IBAN number if applicable and a SWIFT code

Transfers can be made between your own account(s) in different currencies but require two working days to clear. The day's exchange rate will be applied automatically. A limit of £250,000 applies for each cross currency transfer; however there is no limit to how many transfers you make provided you have available funds and do not exceed the daily user limit.

Standing orders can be set up, viewed, amended and cancelled online.

Direct Debits can be viewed and cancelled, but a signed mandate from the direct debit originator addressed to the bank is required to set up a new Direct Debit.

Account(s) are set up for online access in accordance with the existing signing instructions. Business accounts that require more than one signature will require more than one Online Banking user with the appropriate authority to approve a transaction.

When you are applying for a new account in Online Banking we check to make sure you’re eligible for the product. If you are not eligible to apply, it may be for one of the following reasons;

• You do not have a UK registered address
• You do not currently have an open account with us
• You currently only hold a joint account or the account is not in your own name (for example, a power of attorney account)

You may still be eligible to apply for the account through our new customer route if the product is available to the general public. To check this, you should visit the product page on our website.