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Acting for Cynergy Bank

Guidance for Solicitors

Please refer to the letter of instruction sent to you for comprehensive guidance in respect of your engagement as our external legal advisor.

Please ensure that you fully comply with all obligations referred to in the instruction letter.

For Commercial Property transactions, please note our specific requirements as set out in the Solicitor FAQ document (which is annexed to your instruction letter). A link for the Solicitor FAQ document can also be found below.

Links for our suite of precedent security documents are also set out below. Please note that these precedents are in our preferred standard form and should not be altered without our express agreement.

Precedent documents for Residential Mortgages can be found here.

Security Documents

Legal Charge

All Monies Legal Charge - Mortgage Conditions

Legal Charge (Third Party)

Legal Charge (Third Party) - Mortgage Conditions


Insurance Charge

Guarantee (Non-individual)

Guarantee (individual)

Cost Overrun Guarantee​

Account Charge

Additional Documents

Board Minutes (Resolution) for Limited Company

Board Minutes (Resolution) for LLP

Certificate of Title

CP Checklist

Conditions for Commercial Facilities

Drawdown Request

Form of Specific Conditions Satisfaction Confirmation

General Conditions for Facilities (for overdrafts only)

General Conditions for Residential Mortgages

Pro-forma Confirmation Letter from Solicitors, Borrower

Pro-forma Confirmation Letter from Solicitors, Guarantee

Pro-forma Confirmation Letter, Third Party Chargor

Solicitors' Instructions

Separate Representation FAQs

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