Cynergy Bank Digipass®

Our Digipass® allows you to authenticate your actions on your Online Banking, without the need for a smartphone. Please see our guides below on how to register your Digipass® and how to use it to authenticate any actions on your account.


Cynergy Bank Digipass®

No, the Authenticator App will be available to all business and personal customers, whether you use a Digipass® or not.  If you’d prefer to keep using a Digipass® you’ll need to request the upgraded version of our Digipass®. 

You can order one from our Customer Service team.

View our guide to Digipass® registration here

You can download a PDF version of the Digipass® registration guide here.

You will need to use your existing Digipass® to complete the registration process for either the new Authenticator app or our upgraded Digipass®. Once you have completed registration on Online Banking you’ll be able to dispose of your old Digipass®. Please treat this as electronic waste.

Yes, the new Digipass® will be registered to you as an individual and the same App can be used across all of your accounts with Cynergy Bank.

No, the new Digipass® will be registered to you as an individual. Each account holder will need to register and use their own Digipass® to access Online Banking.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset your Digipass® by calling our Customer Services Team on 0345 850 5555.

Please call our Customer Services Team to re-register your lost Digipass® and order a new one. Once the new Digipass® has arrived, you’ll be prompted to register your new Digipass® – simply follow the on-screen instructions.