Safety tips

The following tips will help ensure you use your debit card safely and securely:

  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it
  • Change your PIN shortly after you receive it at any ATM displaying the Visa logo
  • When you do change your PIN do not create one that is easy to guess e.g. 1234, your date of birth or your telephone number
  • Try and remember your PIN without writing it down, but if you must write it down disguise it so that it is not recognisable and never write the PIN on anything that is kept with the card.  
  • Keep your card safe and secure at all times and do not allow other people to use it 
  • Keep your PIN confidential and do not disclose it to anyone
  • Only disclose the card number for the purpose of making a card transaction or when reporting the loss or theft of the card 
  • Always check that the total of each purchase you make is correct before you key in your PIN to the keypad provided
  • Shield the key-pad when entering your PIN 
  • Be wary of ‘shoulder-surfers’ – people behind you in queues at the till or at the cash machine, trying to see you enter your PIN. When you hand over your card to make an in-store purchase, don’t let it out of your sight
  • Don’t use the ATM if you think it’s been tampered with, and report your suspicions to the bank 
  • Cancel any lost or stolen cards immediately. Make a list of your card issuers’ emergency numbers and keep them at hand
  • Regularly check your statements for any unauthorised use and keep receipts for reference. Contact us immediately if you notice anything suspicious
  • Discard receipts or PIN advices securely, preferably by shredding them
  • Only shop at secure websites, the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol should be showing on your website browser
  • Make sure the retailer’s address changes from ‘http to ‘https’ when a purchase is made using a secure connection
  • When shopping online, get a hard copy of both your order form and the retailer’s terms and conditions 
  • If your card has been lost or stolen please call our Customer Service team immediately

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