Our range of innovative mortgages is tailored towards the needs of our customers, whether they are a first-time buyer looking for a residential loan or an existing homeowner looking to remortgage. The Private Banking team has expertise to understand your needs and requirements.

We pride ourselves in understanding all types of customers and their forms of income regardless of whether they are High Net Worth Individuals or retail customers. We understand that individuals have their own way of reaching their full potential and success. Every path is unique and therefore we promise to put you first and consider your specific circumstances in delivering our service to you.

Cynergy Bank only offers its own mortgage products. We are not a whole of market provider.


Our customers

  • Entrepreneurs

We pride ourselves in being a specialist Bank in serving the blended financial needs of Business owners and Entrepreneurs. For over 65 years we have used our expertise and insight to provide the best advice and solutions to our customers.

  • Property professionals

    Working with and lending to property professionals is very much in the core of the DNA at Cynergy Bank. We understand the nature of customers who have majority of their assets in properties. Our team understand how property professionals finances operate and we have tailor made mortgage solutions to enable them buy their own residence.
  • Contractors

    We believe every path to success is unique, which is why we appreciate our customers who are contractors. With our specialist team we put our wide-angle lens on and take a big picture approach to ensure we really understand your circumstances.
  • Professionals

    Whatever your profession, we are here to help you prosper and reach your goals. Our specialist team promises to understand your personal and professional life and help you and your family take the next big step in your journey.

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