Online Easy Access Account (Issue 53)


for first 12 months. After 12 months the interest rate reverts to 1.45% AER variable.


  • Open with £1
  • Unlimited, free withdrawals
  • Interest paid annually

Keep in mind

  • After 12 months the interest rate reverts to the underlying variable rate
  • All external withdrawals will be paid to your nominated account
  • To access your account online you will need to use an Authentication device. Please see here for more details.

How to apply

  • Apply and manage online 24/7 only

Apply in just 10 minutes

Please read the Conditions and Summary Box below before you apply to ensure you understand the features and conditions of the account.

Summary Box and Key Product Information

What is the interest rate?

1.60% AER variable. Rate includes a 0.15% fixed bonus for the first 12 months. After 12 months the interest rate reverts to 1.45% AER variable.
Interest is calculated daily on the cleared balance in your account and paid annually on the anniversary of the initial deposit. Interest is added to the account balance.

For accounts opened on and after 5.00pm on Thursday 4 August 2022.


Can Cynergy Bank change the interest rate?

The interest rate is a combination of:

  • A fixed bonus rate for the first 12 months; and
  • A variable underlying rate which can change

Cynergy Bank can change the underlying interest rate. Details of the circumstances under which the interest rate might change are in the Changes to interest rate section of the Online Easy Access Account Conditions.

If we change the interest rate to your advantage we may make the change immediately and will notify you within 30 days of it taking effect. Where we make a change to the interest rate that is not to your advantage, and you hold a balance of £100 or more, we will notify you 14 days before the change takes effect.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months, based on a £1,000 deposit?

Estimated balance after the first 12 months Estimated balance after 24 months
£1,016.00 £1,030.73
(Interest rate including bonus) (Interest rate including bonus for the first 12 months and the underlying interest rate only for the second 12 months)

The estimated balances shown are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not take into account a customer's individual circumstances. They assume you made an initial deposit of £1,000 and made no additional deposits or withdrawals.

How do I open and manage my account?

Personal customers who are 18 or over and a UK resident can open an account online.

You will need:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your mobile phone number and email address
  • Details of a UK current account in the name(s). This will be your 'nominated account' - all withdrawals will be paid to this account.

The minimum initial deposit is £1 and you can deposit up to £1 million in this account.

It’s important we receive your initial deposit within 14 days from opening the account online.

You can only use Online Banking to manage your account and make withdrawals.

For added security, when you use Online Banking, you’ll need to download and register our Authenticator App (available for free on Google Play or the Apple App Store) or request a Digipass®.

You will need access to the Authenticator App or Digipass every time you login and make any actions on your account. This added security step helps us know that it is you making the transaction so we can keep your account safe.

For more information about Authentication and guidance help, please see our guidance pages here.

You may contact us by Secure Message via Online Banking, by telephone or in writing using the address or other contact details we have given you or which appear on our website. Please note we are unable to take transaction requests through these channels.

Can I withdraw money?

You can make unlimited, free withdrawals 24/7. All external withdrawals will be paid to your nominated account.

Additional Information

Interest will be paid without deduction of tax. The tax treatment and the rate of interest payable depend on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. You may have to pay tax on any interest received that exceeds your Personal Savings Allowance. Further information on the Personal Savings Allowance can be found at

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. Gross interest is the contractual rate of interest.

Please read the important information below before applying:

Cynergy Bank Privacy Policy

FSCS Information Sheet / Exclusions List

Online Easy Access Account Conditions

Apply in just 10 minutes

Please read the Conditions and Summary Box below before you apply to ensure you understand the features and conditions of the account.


Award winning savings

Cynergy Bank was shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Easy Access Account Provider’ at the Savings Champion Awards 2022.

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Award winning savings

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Cynergy Bank has been awarded ‘Best Online Savings Provider’ at the Personal Finance Awards 2020/21.

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