The pandemic has led to a sharp increase in the use of online and mobile banking and exacerbated the closure of physical branches on the high streets.

The switch to online banking shows no signs of slowing down and the ability to use banking services remotely proved vital during the pandemic. Despite this trend, many customers still want to talk to someone when and if they require assistance.  

New research1 conducted by Cynergy Bank found that the top services valued by customers were 24/7 access to a relationship manager and an issues response manager.

30% of respondents ranked 24/7 access to a relationship manager top, followed by 29% who want an issues response manager to help solve any immediate problems.

Services such as advice on managing cash flows and borrowing options were seen as less important with 15% and 12% of respondents respectively ranking these as important services provided by a relationship manager.

This demonstrates the desire for customers to have an expert on hand for issues resolution and for general assistance as opposed to providing information on services and products provided.

Nick Fahy, CEO of Cynergy Bank commented, “Resolving issues that arise during the banking process can at times be a lengthy exercise if customers do not have assistance from a human being. Ensuring that there is another individual at the end of the phone or available via video call is vital if banks want to provide the best services for their customers.

“Our research continues to tell us the same thing, customers still value human interaction and need to be sure there is a person available should they need them. 

“Here at Cynergy bank we are creating the human digital bank of the future for those looking for human relationship management from their bank as well as the latest digital technologies.”


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