We opened our first shop in 2013 and deliberated on what to call ourselves. The idea was to be more than just a butchers. We have two young daughters and so many traditional butcher shops are called “& Sons” that we thought it would mark a nice change to include our girls in the name hence Dugard & Daughters - Butcher & Larder was born.

We would love for our girls to be involved in the two shops as they grow up but they’re still at school so it’s a while before they have to make that choice...also there’s no pressure, they can totally choose to go into whatever career they want.

The &Daughters fund sounds like a fantastic initiative, it’s true that some business fields are still very male dominated...having myself worked in food retail and butchery for 20 years often being the only woman amongst a sea of men....anything that helps to encourage or opens up choices within those industries for women is a great idea.

Read the press release here.

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