Cynergy Bank redefining banking with “The digital relationship bank” – for those customers who still value human service blended with neobank technology – developed in partnership with Google Cloud and Wipro.

  • Cynergy Bank redefining what it means to be a relationship bank in the digital age

  • Cynergy Bank maintaining human relationships with customers enabled by neo-bank technology – making Cynergy Bank a Digital Relationship Bank

  • Cynergy Bank’s new digital relationship platform is being developed in partnership with Google Cloud and Wipro

  • The relationship banking platform will launch in 2021, followed by the bank’s digital products platform delivering new customer tailored digital products

23 November 2020: Cynergy Bank, today announces that it is partnering with Google Cloud and Wipro Limited to provide a new digital banking model – a digital relationship bank. The partnership will combine the best of Google Cloud and Google Cloud partner technologies, Wipro’s domain and technology expertise and Cynergy Bank’s relationship management know-how. 

The Cynergy Bank human and digital model will transform banking for those customers who value a seamless blend of a face-to-face relationship that is enabled by the latest digital technology. This includes market segments such as neglected sections of the market like scaleup SMEs1 (ambitious small and medium businesses that have the capability and capacity to grow); professionals and mass affluent individuals. 

The new model is set to launch in 2021. The Bank will go beyond banking into offering a suite of additional tailored services delivered digitally to customers.

Digital banks have focused their efforts on app-based delivery while large banks continue to adopt a ‘one size fits all approach’ to their small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and client relationships. Cynergy Bank will offer a personal relationship experience but with the infrastructure and software of a fully digital bank.

In addition to digitally enabled traditional lending and savings products focused on customer needs, the bank will introduce a new suite of digital products. These will be delivered through the Bank’s digital products platform enabling the bank’s customers to access the next generation of banking and tailored support services to help customers grow their businesses.

“We are redefining what it means to be a relationship bank in the digital age, with face-to-face service blended with amazing technology,” said Nick Fahy, CEO of Cynergy Bank. “Our digital relationship bank – the first in the UK – will launch in 2021, will enable our relationship managers to become growth advisors to their SME clients, with a suite of inputs, which will be delivered digitally. These include data insights into market dynamics and business performance by sectors. Each of the relationship managers will share these insights with customers so that they can review their business performance against the market and generate tangible actions to drive growth and deliver efficiencies.

Fahy continues, “Many customers’ needs continue to fall between two stools. The neobanks focus their efforts on app-based delivery and large banks, in their rush to digitise, have failed to recognise that businesses, are looking for human relationship management from their bank as well as the latest digital technologies.”

Fahy concludes, “In partnership with Google Cloud and Wipro, we will create a digital bank with real people to speak to. We are creating  an end-to-end banking and business services technology platform based on Google Cloud and Wipro’s extensive financial services, digital and technology experience. We are really excited about what this new platform will offer our new and existing customers.” 

“Wipro is proud to partner with Cynergy Bank and Google Cloud to create this end-to-end digital banking and business services technology offering.  With this partnership, we look forward to introducing a new way of banking to customers in the UK, followed by other markets around the world.” said Omkar Nisal, Senior Vice President and Head, Banking EMEA at Wipro Limited.

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