What you can expect from us as a responsible lender when applying for a mortgage

  • Manual underwriting, allowing the Bank to discuss cases directly with you.
  • Products designed to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Clear information on the cost of borrowing, fees and charges and our terms and conditions.
  • A robust assessment of the applicants’ ability to make regular payments and to repay the loan, based on current circumstances and allowing for any known or foreseeable changes.
  • We use credit bureau information for all new lending to ensure a fair and consistent approach to decision making, underpinned by an underwriter assessment.
  • Reasonable notice of interest rate and payment changes affecting applicants.
  • Under strict controls we may share data with other lenders to improve the quality of our decisions, reduce the risk of customers becoming over-committed and prevent financial crime.
  • Personal information is treated confidentially and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.
  • Prompt and professional handling of any queries or complaints you may have.
  • Considerate treatment in the event of financial difficulties or arrears.

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