Identification requirements for business customers

UK residents

As a UK resident you are not required to send us identification documents with your new account application, as we will make electronic enquiries to verify the details for each individual who is part of the application. If we cannot verify your details electronically we may also require additional paper based identification documents, which are listed below under 'Non-UK residents', before opening the account. We will contact you if this is required.

Non-UK residents

Applicants residing outside the UK must send, with their new account application:

  • A certified copy of a photo identification document
  • A certified copy or an original proof of permanent residential address

Any document you send must be valid, not expired and include the full name and address details that match your application. The same document cannot be used to verify both your identity and address.

We can accept the following documents
We can accept the following documents
Photo identification documents
  • a valid passport
  • a valid photo card driving licence issued by an EU state
  • a national identity card (for the European Economic Area or Swiss Nationals only)
Proof of residential address
  • a utility bill dated within the last six months
  • a UK or EU bank statement dated within the last six months

PO box addresses, mobile phone bills and printed online statements are not acceptable address identification documents.

For applicants in the EU, the acceptable documents listed in the table above must be certified as true copies of the original(s) by either:

  • A UK or EU bank
  • UK or EU accountant
  • UK or EU solicitor
  • A UK post office

For applicants outside the EU we will accept documents certified by an equivalent professional. The professional certifying the documents must provide written confirmation that it is a true copy of the original. The individual certifying the documents must be clearly identifiable and thus all relevant official stamps must be used:

  • Printed name of the individual certifying the document(s)
  • Professional registration reference (if applicable) eg Law Society membership number
  • Company name and stamp
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Business telephone number
  • Date

Business Lending

Whether you want to expand your business, invest in equipment, buy more stock or extend credit to your customers, we take the time to understand your needs.